Rectifying Rene

Addressing the treachery of icon fonts

Posted by Will on March 15, 2015

My most recent project is based on René Magritte’s ‘Treachery of Images’ - you know, ‘this is not a pipe’ with a picture of a pipe above it?

Ok, fine, just go here. I’ll wait.

Good you’re back.

Well, I decided to turn it on its head - through a combination of randomly generated true statements. Random colors, random font icons, their paired names, and Microsoft’s translation api.

Plus there is a toggle, so now we can have it both ways - true statements or statements on representation - just as René intended.

Flipping Rene on his head

Technical Colophon:

  • Sass,
  • Bootstrap,
  • Microsoft Translator API,
  • Node.js,
  • request.js,
  • fontello,
  • forever,
  • Yeoman (for the scaffolding)

[5/20/2016] Added the excellent natural language processing library NLP Compromise to tighten up the phrasing (e.g. when to use “a” vs “an” or how to conjugate verbs).

A demo of the project is avialable here